Choose Honor

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Honor and approval are not the same.

You can show honor to another without approving of what they do. David honored Saul even though Saul sought to destroy David and was double-minded toward him. David didn’t think his actions were ok. He trusted God to deal with Saul in His own time. David trusted God’s timing and God’s ways while seeking God and praying about the situation. Honoring Saul did not mean that he had to be in his presence, though. It was necessary for David to separate in order to preserve his life. I’m pretty certain David didn’t approve of Saul trying to spear him to the wall! The world today would say that David killing Saul would’ve been completely justified, but remember, we aren’t called to be like the world. We are in this world but not of it.

So, when you’re tempted to dishonor someone based on whether or not you agree with their actions, whether it be by the words you speak to/in front of others or by your actions toward the person, keep in mind that what we sow, we reap. When you honor your brothers and sisters in Christ, you are sowing seeds of honor. When you dishonor them, you are sowing seeds of dishonor. You have your choice of what you will harvest in the planting.

Character and Integrity Matter

This is a season where our character and integrity will matter in greater ways than usual. Our character and integrity in this season is being examined and is planting major seeds for a future harvest. So, when you are faced with the choice of honor based on approval, choose wisely.

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