The Unmasking of Double-Mindedness


You cannot grow or move forward into your calling with a spirit of double-mindedness. You can’t be both hot and cold. When you mix hot and cold, you get lukewarm, and what does Jesus say about the lukewarm?! You can’t do it as a fence-sitter, never standing firmly for anything. You can’t hop from the straight and narrow over to the broad path and back again over and over and expect to end up in the same place. These two paths might appear to run side by side, but they will never merge. They still lead to two different destinations. You can’t be loyal and be a gossiper. You can’t be trusted if you break confidence by telling everyone’s secrets. You can’t be a friend when you tear down someone behind their back for your own ambitions. You can’t lead when you demand control and submission and are willing to retaliate upon assumption. You can’t stand for truth if you’re willing to compromise with a lie. You cannot stand for the will of God when your will overrides your discernment. You can’t have unity in a body where you intentionally breed discord.

How A Spirit of Double-Mindedness Operates
A spirit of double-mindedness is manipulative and rides along with witchcraft. It plays the cards just right depending upon the situation to bend another’s will to match its own. When something is truly the will of God, God takes care of that and manipulation won’t even need a role in it (not that it ever truly does). Proverbs 21 says “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.” It’s destructive to the church and to the people around it to manipulate a situation to what you want.

A spirit of double-mindedness will eventually expose itself, as nothing in the Kingdom of God stays hidden in darkness. Even though King Saul was appointed by God, he eventually exposed his double-mindedness to David and came against him. David, being the man of God he was, obeyed God no matter what Saul did. He let Saul play the cards to his own demise, even though it grieved him to be in that situation.
It’s time to come off the fence. God is dealing with a spirit of double-mindedness in the church and is exposing it and moving it out of the paths of many, for what God has ordained, no devil in hell can stop.


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