The Divine Revealing


The Divine Revealing of the Hidden Ones

There is about to be a divine revealing. When Jesus began His ministry, His true identity was covered, veiled, hidden from the rest of the world. It was when He asked His disciples, “Who do you say I am?”, that Peter responded, “You are the Christ, Son of the Living God.” Jesus knew Peter had received, by his spirit, the revelation from the Father. He told Peter that he couldn’t have known that unless it had been revealed to him by the Father. Jesus then instructs His disciples to keep His identity a secret. Why was it that the true identity of Jesus had been hidden? It was because once His identity would be revealed, acceleration of the plan and purpose for His life would begin. Jesus understood there was a divinely appointed time for that to occur. Those who did not have eyes to see were not able to see who He was until a divine revealing occurred, a divine lifting of the veil from the spiritual eyes of understanding. This is still true today, but a Biblical example is Saul who became Paul. He could not see who Jesus was or see why the Christians he killed were so devoted to this Christ until the divine revelation was given. Once he had eyes to see, he was directed and accelerated into his divine purpose.

We have many hidden ones who are operating in the Body of Christ at this time. They’ve worked “undercover”, some for years, bypassing the radar of the enemy and bypassing the platforms of man. There is a divine revealing coming in which people will begin to have eyes to see the true identity of these hidden ones. While under the shadow (cover) of His wings, they have been protected by the Hand of God. Once exposed, they will need people to intercede and pray for them. You may be a hidden one, or you may be someone who is called to cover them in prayer and help hold up their arms in time of battle, much like Aaron and Hur held up the arms of Moses. The need for true intercessors will rise, and those with the call to intercede will also come forth.

That being said, divine revealing of identity also brings forth divine relationships/connections. As the revealed are propelled into purpose, doors will begin to open for new Kingdom connections. We will need to have eyes to see the divine doors, the ability to use greater wisdom, and have greater discernment, so we will not be deceived by what appears good but is not God. Seeking the heart of the Father to receive divine strategies will be important! We must be willing to spend time in the secret place with Him and remain rooted in the Word to receive His instructions.

We must also realize that there is no competition in the Kingdom. We all have an important role to play in what God is doing right now. This revealing of the hidden ones will expose prideful roots and roots of rejection that we have not allowed God to purge. The purification process many have been undergoing has been, in part, a preparation for this revealing. If we do not submit ourselves to the holy fires of purification, we fall prey to the enemy’s attempts to abort/sabotage important Kingdom connections by way of offense/jealousy/envy. The enemy is always seeking to steal, kill, and destroy, that which is in God’s plan for us. We are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices and can keep watch and guard our hearts by staying in the place of prayer with Our Father, always listening, always submitting ourselves to Him so He can search us and know us.

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The Unmasking of Double-Mindedness


You cannot grow or move forward into your calling with a spirit of double-mindedness. You can’t be both hot and cold. When you mix hot and cold, you get lukewarm, and what does Jesus say about the lukewarm?! You can’t do it as a fence-sitter, never standing firmly for anything. You can’t hop from the straight and narrow over to the broad path and back again over and over and expect to end up in the same place. These two paths might appear to run side by side, but they will never merge. They still lead to two different destinations. You can’t be loyal and be a gossiper. You can’t be trusted if you break confidence by telling everyone’s secrets. You can’t be a friend when you tear down someone behind their back for your own ambitions. You can’t lead when you demand control and submission and are willing to retaliate upon assumption. You can’t stand for truth if you’re willing to compromise with a lie. You cannot stand for the will of God when your will overrides your discernment. You can’t have unity in a body where you intentionally breed discord.

How A Spirit of Double-Mindedness Operates
A spirit of double-mindedness is manipulative and rides along with witchcraft. It plays the cards just right depending upon the situation to bend another’s will to match its own. When something is truly the will of God, God takes care of that and manipulation won’t even need a role in it (not that it ever truly does). Proverbs 21 says “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.” It’s destructive to the church and to the people around it to manipulate a situation to what you want.

A spirit of double-mindedness will eventually expose itself, as nothing in the Kingdom of God stays hidden in darkness. Even though King Saul was appointed by God, he eventually exposed his double-mindedness to David and came against him. David, being the man of God he was, obeyed God no matter what Saul did. He let Saul play the cards to his own demise, even though it grieved him to be in that situation.
It’s time to come off the fence. God is dealing with a spirit of double-mindedness in the church and is exposing it and moving it out of the paths of many, for what God has ordained, no devil in hell can stop.


Cultivating 2018


In my time of prayer, I sought the Lord for 2018. I received one word only, and that word I received for 2018 is “cultivate”. It seemed like a simple word until I looked into an expanded definition.

Cultivate (from

  • To prepare and work on (land) in order to raise crops; till

  • To promote or improve the growth of (a plant, crop, etc.) by labor and attention

  • To produce by culture

  • To develop or improve by education or training; train; refine

  • To promote the growth or development of; foster

  • To devote oneself to

  • To seek to promote or foster

  • To seek the acquaintance or friendship of

As we have heard from other prophetic words about 2018, we are entering into a year of promised land and harvest. Many of us have been in long preparation for what we will encounter this year. In my spirit, I see the word “stewardship” beside the word “cultivate”. Looking at the definitions above, these are all aspects of stewardship. What we are entering into, we are being expected to steward well to receive the fruitfulness of which the promised land will bring.

For some, this promised land is a reassignment. The Lord had spoken to me in late fall about people who will be given Kingdom reassignments in 2018. These reassignments aren’t because you (the reassigned) failed, but because the reassignment holds the promise. Not all these reassignments are into lush lands. Some of these promised lands are going to need work and cultivation. Don’t be disheartened or disappointed, though. It won’t be the same as it was in the previous assignment. The harvest will come earlier than expected, and the work will not be as arduous because the Lord is with you! You will be cultivating land that others abandoned and neglected. Some of this land will require the tearing down of idols of which others have built in their name (the reason the Lord removed them). Ezekiel 36 is an example of this. The finished product will glorify the One True God and the name of Jesus! Your promise will be His glory!

For others, this promised land is the expansion of a previous assignment. You’ve been faithful where you’ve been! Because the expansion is new territory, you must work to cultivate it. You must sow new seed in the good ground. You must become acquainted with those the Lord brings beside you. They are there to help you labor (new Kingdom connections and relationships). You will need new skills as you take on new ventures. See, not every land holds the same industry/production potential. One area of land may be good for lumber. One area of land may be desirable for farming. One area may be desirable for fishing. One area may be desirable for communications, and so on and so forth. Apply this to spiritual assignments and territories.

The promised land into which you enter may require you to develop new skills and education! If you are being expanded or reassigned to new territory, you may need to learn social media skills or public speaking skills. You may find yourself needing to learn more about audio/visual technology! You may even find yourself needing to learn more about world geography!!

May we dedicate ourselves to cultivating the promised land well in this new year!

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